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Meet the Rapid Image Team

We understand adventure. And we love the outdoors. Mother nature is out our backdoor, she is our “office”. Surrounded by gorgeous views of open space. It’s our playground. When we are not working you will find us skiing, hiking, mountain biking, skateboarding, diving, kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, even then the camera is with us!

Kevin Conn Owner/Operator

An avid outdoorsman and certified commercial rafting instructor, Kevin brings his love and enthusiasm for any and all outdoor activities into the workplace, fueling the stoke for capturing incredible moments on the river and on the mountain! Follow his adventures around the world at

Shay Conn Owner/Operator

Coming from a background as a raft guide on the Nantahala and Ocoee rivers in the southeastern United States, Shay moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 2018 to work as a ski/snowboard photographer at Steamboat Resort. Her experience in the outdoor industry both as a guide and photographer make her expertise critical to the continued success and growth of the Rapid Image family nationally, helping facilitate positive outfitter relationships, expansion into new territories such as the newest division in the southeast, and so much more. She’s also the captain of the womens rugby club in Steamboat and spends her free time traveling internationally to play rugby. Check out what Shay’s up to at

Stephen “Scuba” Ross Western Slope Operations Manager

Leading a team of photographers in the Glenwood Springs, Vail Valley, and Aspen markets, Scuba manages everything from outfitter logistics and relations  to quality management, scheduling, training, and development. His aggressive, yet artistic approach to striving for operational excellence is evident in every photo his team produces as well as the impressive portfolio he has created for himself, which can be seen on his Instagram at

Jared Estrada Eastern Slope Operations Manager

Jared is the rock behind Rapid Image’s Clear Creek operation. You will find him photographing raft trips, hustling, and ensuring clientele have a quality finished photo product of their adventure. His team player attitude and enthusiasm for the industry are a valuable asset to Rapid Image. When he is not snowboarding, climbing, camping, and playing outdoors he is painting. His passion shows in his art, take a glimpse!

Reda Ruokyte Assistant Manager, Western Slope Operations

A leader on the Rapid Image team, Reda is a passionate and adventurous go getter. With over eight years in the photography industry, her passion for outdoor photography and keen eye for artistic elements has defined her career. Her life revolves around photography in and outside of work. Additionally, she loves to dedicate time to training and teaching aspiring photographers and sharing her expertise. See the world through her lens at

Andrew Fayette Assistant Manager, Eastern Slope Operations

Andrew’s strong passion for the outdoors and rafting, paired with an immaculate sense of organization and precision in everything he does makes him an absolute powerhouse on the Clear Creek team. The right hand man to Jared, Andrew keeps the ship running smoothly even on the busiest of days while maintaining an infectiously positive attitude, lifting his whole team up on the quest for operational excellence while having more fun than anyone else around.

Kaylie Smith Lead Photographer, Western Slope

Kaylie is an aspiring photographer who moved from Nebraska to the western slope to start her career in rafting and snowmobile photography with Rapid Image. She finds herself in her element when photographing all things revolving the outdoors, adventure, sports and action. As a former athlete herself, she has the eye for capturing special and monumental moments in sporting events. She is driven to learn more and more every day as she has an end goal to further her career in extreme sports photography. Keep up with Kaylie’s adventures at

Kyle Cygan Lead Photographer, Eastern Slope

Both a recreational and professional photographer, Kyle has been behind the lens for over a decade. While action sports photography was well out his comfort zone when he joined the team, coming from a background in studio portrait and street photographer, Kyle has since become an invaluable asset to the Rapid Image Clear Creek team as both a photographer and a trainer.

Brad Riggle Director of IT, Engineer

Brad is the IT intellect of Rapid Image. Design functionally, build quality, engineer excellence is Brad’s motto. His mechanical and engineering background, along with his technical skills is a fundamental asset to daily operations. During our busy summer months you can find him networking remote wifi cameras, rebuilding zip photographer stands, troubleshooting outfitter computer systems, assessing software technologies, the list goes on.. we try our best to mix up his IT headaches with fun riverside photo taking as much as possible!

Jessica Marsan Founder
Founder of Rapid Image, Focused on Adventure.
Her extensive knowledge of the tourism industry began in 1995. Excelling throughout the tourism industry as a guide, videographer, and photographer of adventure travel vacations throughout the U.S., Costa Rica, Ecuador, New Zealand, British Columbia, Brazil, and the Caribbean. This set the foundations for establishing Rapid Image in 2001.
At this time digital photography capabilities were still limited and just evolving. Jessica saw the ability to utilize new technology to provide regional full-service photo operations that can cater to individual outfitters more efficiently and with better quality.
Rapid Image quickly became the leading photography provider for commercial white water rafting outfitters based in Colorado. Our mission is to provide lifelong memories for our outfitter’s guests.
Her continued involvement as both a leader in the industry, applying the most advanced technological and digital applications, and as a mentor to #TeamRapidImage for years to come.
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